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The Important Role Mick Shmazian Plays

January 18, 2018
These days, advance technology uses many new and relatively rare mineral resources that are in finite supply. Of course, there is a possibility that future technology in other areas may someday come up with replacements for many of those resources. However, that is likely to take years or decades, which makes mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian extremely important on the short term and probably for many years to come. Right now, many industries will continue to rely heavily on minerals that we have to dig out of the ground.

In some cases, the supplies of some minerals dwindle, which can cause prices to go way up. That is not good for anyone in the supply chain, and that includes manufacturers and consumers. That reality makes Mick Shmazian, as a mineral prospector, extremely important. They are not simply a critical element of the current era; their work promises to be a critical cog in the economic wheel for a very long time. If the relative scarcity of some mineral resources leads to rampant inflation in the market, a lot of people lose.